Monday, March 19, 2012

Working A Particular Location

A very important part of shooting on the street is familiarity with the environment. When I walk around New York I try to stay alert for locations that offer potential, not necessarily at that particular moment, and make a mental note to return often. Sometimes I find a spot in New York that just screams out for photos to be taken.

Whenever I'm in the midtown area on 42nd Street I stop into Nat Sherman's store and treat myself to a fine cigar. Appropriately, the store has a symbolic wooden indian statue out front. The first time I really took note of it was last summer, as I walked past the store front, a woman was standing next to the statue and I was immediately struck by the similarity in their facial features:

I check that spot every time I'm on 42nd Street. When I walked past last month two workmen were next to the statue. I titled the shot 'Three Little Indians'. 

This past week, on my way out of the store I grabbed this shot just as the gentleman turned to look at me: