Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back At It

Finally, I'm getting back into my New York street peregrinations. I'm still not at 100%, but I was out this afternoon and it felt really good. I didn't see much, but that's not because it wasn't there to see. I'm still fuzzy headed. What I could shoot had some substance to it, but could have been done better technically. But still, it was fun.

I've pretty much got the hand grip and position of the X-Pro1 worked out. I'll be getting at thumb grip that fits into the hot shoe, and that should go a long way to getting my fat thumb out of the way of some buttons and controls. My focus timing still needs some work - I miss quite a few shots still - but it's coming along. 

What I really need most of all is a heavy dose of patience. That's the biggest hurdle for me to overcome with the XP1. Shooting with it is so different compared to the DSLR experience. Working with the XP1 is much like handling my Leica M6. That's a good thing for me. I fell into a trap with my D700, using it's technical speed and accuracy to replace my intention. The XP1 really forces me to think ahead and prepare the moment better. And that can only help to make me a better photographer.

As I was walking across West 57th street this afternoon, I passed these two girls. Something clicked in my head when I saw them, but I was thinking about a shot I'd just taken a few moments before and I was past them when it finally registered. Luckily I was still close enough to turn and catch up to them. I actually like this shot better than if I'd gotten their faces - which would have distracted from what originally caught my attention.

Say hello to the polka-dot sisters.


  1. Ha ha - funny shot, Gene. May they can borrow a piece of chothes of each other.

  2. is this world there are people who look, others simply see, not if I explain, anyone who wants to speak with images, you need to see !!!
    a hug for our friend !!!