Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Instagram, My 2¢

What is Instagram? Have a look here, here, and here.

So, you need a mobile devise. Which I don't have ...... yet. The attraction of the app, from what I can see, is that anyone who can take a photo with their iPhone or Android can then apply some quick processing and upload the image for all the world to see. Everyone can bathe in the incredible creativity that the app allows to blossom (because, of course, given that we all have the spark of God in us, we are all artists). I'm sure there are many millions of photos uploaded every day. And I'm sure that there are very capable photographers who will invest the time and effort to generate a following and gain recognition for their work. As with everything else, cream will rise to the surface.

I may embrace this technology, maybe not. It's too soon to tell, and since I don't own a device (again .... yet) that would allow me to indulge in the frenzy I can't make any evaluations about my personal involvement.

But what will the phenomenon do for photography in general? Well, it can't hurt. The digital photography revolution has changed the way we all view pictures because so many people have some kind of picture creating devise now. Sure, most of them may be crap. And sure, most of the picture takers haven't got a clue as to how to take a good photo. But many more people are involved now than ever before. Our awareness of images and the impact they can have on our lives has increased exponentially - no matter whether they are viewed on an iPhone, iPad, computer screen, in a gallery or museum, or a publication. 

There will most definitely be much more dross mucking up the bottom of the picture barrel, but there will also be more cream rising to the surface. At my age I recognize that I'm on the downside of my creative life. Although my capacity to do so is limited, I still push forward and embrace new technology. I can be happy using whatever new tools I can absorb into my workflow to enhance my creative output, even though it may not be everything that becomes de rigueur

Here's my image for today, created with my very old workflow which employs technology that I began using about six months ago (heaven forfend)!