Monday, August 20, 2012

Fujinon 14mm Lens - Hoping and Waiting

Here's two examples of why the Funinon 18mm lens is just not quite wide enough. I was very close to both of these people when I took the shot. The expression in the first image happened because I was close enough for the man to react to me, but too close to get the top of his head. A little tilt up would have gotten that, but then I would have lost some of the image detail at the bottom, and that line of the edge of the planter is important to balance the line in the street to the man's left. At a 35mm equivalent, the 18mm is actually a 28mm lens. The 14mm would be a 21 mm equivalent. When I was shooting with my Leicas, I always had the 21mm f2.8 lens and 21mm viewfinder on my M4. I swapped lenses only on my M6.

With the wide angle 14mm lens on my X-Pro1 I would have been able to get more of the street scene unfolding around this unhappy woman. I think the image works as it is, but I would have been more satisfied to have more of the man on the right in the frame. 

In any case, the image quality of the Fuji 18mm lens is outstanding, comparable to anything I could have gotten with my Leica glass on the XP1, and better than what I could have gotten with Leica glass on my M6 shooting Fuji Neopan 400 film.