Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pretty Women

I received a comment a few days ago about the photos I post on this blog. That's great! I want comments, keep 'em comin'! The blog is set up so that I can moderate comments before they are posted, and this seemed to bother a certain commenter. If I were to post her comments you would understand why. She seems to have something nasty to say no matter the subjects of the blog and/or photos: antisemitic, sexist, racist, whatever .... And she feels she has a right to air her opinions on my blog. I've suggested to her that she find a different blog to read, or better yet, start her own blog. 

The last inane comment she left for me was that I post way too many photos of attractive women. I guess she would like me to balance it out with images of unattractive women, or men, or pics with no people in them, or ....   Unfortunately living close to New York I am always hearing the siren call of the Big Apple, and being a dirty old man I'm naturally drawn to pretty women. That's the nature of the beast and it's not going to change. 

On La Guardia Place

On Spring Street