Sunday, November 4, 2012

No photos today

I'm recovering from hurricane Sandy. I took photos of my local town, but they could be pictures of any one of hundreds of other towns in the storm's path. What strikes me profoundly about this storm is that five years ago predictions were made  for what the consequences would be if a category 3 hurricane hit the New York area directly. Sandy was a category 1 storm, and the results met the expectations for a category 3 storm. Th storm and tide surge boundaries for the most part defined the land's end boundaries of lower Manhattan before all the land fill and new development. I think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something here.

I was without electrical power for nearly six days. My home has electric heat and an electric stove. So, no showers and no cooking. And there is still a limited supply of gasoline. The upside to the whole experience is that I became part of a small community of warm generous people who included me in their family group. It was a joy to experience and to contribute.

(Just a quick note apropos of nothing: To my anonymous reader who feels the imperative to post comments to me about my grammar and spelling: if it's good enough for Google's spell checker, it's good enough for me.)