Sunday, December 23, 2012

SoHo Fashionista

This afternoon, after exploring part of the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, I took a walk through SoHo and the West Village. As usual, when the crowds are out shopping there are many people carrying all sorts of cameras. But I rarely see anyone actually taking a photo, with the exception of those shooting with phone cameras. I guess it's just my 'gearish' (not sure that's a real word) curiosity, but I'm always checking out the cameras that people carry. Mostly Nikons and Canons - no surprise there. But lately, every time I hit the streets I find another shooter carrying a Fuji X-Pro1. It's always fun to chat with them, compare notes, and exchange business cards. 

As I was walking across Spring Street towards West Broadway, I spotted this fashionista surveying the parade of shoppers. I saw him from a block away and just said a small prayer that he wouldn't move before I had the chance to snap a few frames. This was the best of the series.