Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Fujinon Lens Kit

I've been shooting with the new Fujinon 14mm f2.8 for about a week now, and as I've said before in previous posts, I love the lens. For several times out on the street I used it exclusively and there are some things with which I have yet to experiment, but with the results I've gotten so far (see examples on my previous blog posts) I couldn't be more happy. The last time I was out (Friday) I enjoyed the burst of fair weather at a favorite spot in Manhattan, and mounted the 18-55mm zoom lens. Between these two lenses I've got 97.4% of my shooting range covered. I'm looking forward to getting the 55-200mm zoom when it comes out later this year, then my lens kit will be complete (I think). I really like to photograph musicians backstage and during sound checks - when the light really sucks - so I'm sure the 18mm and 35mm primes will continue to get a workout.

I've felt goosed up by having the X-Pro1 and the fantastic Fuji lenses to work with, and once the weather starts to warm up a bit I hope to be out much more. I expect to hit the street again tomorrow (Sunday) so I need to keep ahead of myself in processing and posting images. The first two of these shots were with the zoom lens:



I have yet to play with the manual focus and hyperfocal distance settings on the 14mm lens. The big hoopla is that you can set the aperture to f4 and get everything into relative focus because of the extreme depth of field at this focal length. At that aperture you could supposedly get everything from five feet to infinity in focus. But the reality of the physics is not quite that. While elements in the image may be perceived to be in focus, in reality there can be only one point (or plane) in the image that is really in focus, the rest of the image is, to one degree or another, relatively out of focus, depending on the size of the circle of confusion at that distance. Five feet to infinity may seem like quite a large range of distance, but for my style of shooting, which is in very close, if I shot at f4 my depth of field would extend from three to five feet. When I took this shot I was about five feet from him, and used the autofocus on the XP1.


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  1. Really nice shots, you have posted taken with your 14 mm lens. One of the great thing about such a wide angle lens is in my opinion also, that people can´t imagine they are in the frame, when they stand in the left or the right side of the frame.