Sunday, April 7, 2013

Everybody Is Happy .... Well, Almost

On Saturday I took a walk through Lower Manhattan - across Canal Street, up through Little Italy and SoHo. It was a cool early spring day, the sun was brilliant, not a cloud in the sky, people were happy. For the past few weeks I spent a lot of my photo-walking time in the midtown/east side area and this Saturday as I walked through the crowds I was struck by the difference in the overall attitude of the area residents. They were happy, smiling people going about their daily routines of dog walking and food shopping, taking care of life's necessities. The uptown crowd seemed different - there were scowling, frowning faces of people going about their daily routines of running from one business deal to another, getting to Berdorff, Versace, Prada, Tiffany, or Cartier to pick up what they needed to make it through the day.

On Saturday I changed my shooting routine a bit. After I grabbed a few shots, I chatted with some of the people. It was fun and diffused some potentially intense moments. And I got a bit of insight about the people. The more I do this and grow with the process, the more I enjoy it. Life is good.

Well, not everyone was happy with me ....

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