Sunday, June 23, 2013

On A Park Bench

Central Park in New York City is an oasis of sanity in the maelstrom of Manhattan. But on a beautiful summer weekend afternoon it's as crowded as the sidewalks of the avenues, and filled with all sorts of buskers and peddlers. I sometimes walk there with a friend after a few hours of shooting on the streets, and most often am not on photo alert. But I walked past this scene on a park bench and my shutter finger went into automatic mode. It was the only shot I took on this particular walk.

Since I've gotten my Fuji X-Pro1 I've shot exclusively with the intention of converting my images to b/w. In my workflow to do that I optimize the color image and then do the conversion. Lately I've been quite impressed with the color rendition, so I may in the future post the color and b/w image, or maybe even just the color image. Not sure where this will lead.