Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pesach Rituals

Passover is a holiday that is rich with rituals - the whole purpose of the seder is to celebrate the the liberation from Egyptian bondage and the Exodus through symbols to recount the story and pass it on to the younger generations. Before the first seder each home must be cleansed of all remnants of food that contains any leavening - called chometz - and the crumbs burned in a fire. And rabbis contract with a non-jew to relieve them of the bulk of the chometz from their congregants.

Preparing the contracts and relinquishing the chometz to a non-jew:

Burning the crumbs of chometz:

Also part of the ritual, the palm and myrtle leaves - the lulav, which are an integral part of the Sukkot ceremony and which are collected after the holiday - are burned along with the chometz:

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