Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eldridge Street Festival

New York is filled with street festivals. Usually they are all filled with the same food stalls and vendors selling cheap jewelry and other crap. I sometimes walk through the festivals in hopes of finding an interesting situation or face. but usually come away with nothing.

This past weekend was the Egg Cream/Egg Roll/Empanada festival on Eldridge Street in Lower Manhattan, just in front of the Eldridge Street Synagogue Museum. Not your usual street fare (couldn't resist the pun). It was small, but very focussed. Musicians performing Chinese, klezmer, and mariachi. And of course there were empanadas, egg rolls, and egg creams available. And talks about the historic synagogue and what goes on in there.

Kids having a good time:

Klezmer dancing:

A sofer (torah scribe) writing people's names in Hebrew: