Sunday, May 3, 2015

Israel Odyssey - Day 1

I came home from Israel this past Wednesday (at 5:30 AM, Oh Joy!). It was an awesome trip to an amazing country. The people are beautiful physically and spiritually, their lust for life and determination to thrive and innovate is inspiring. There aren't enough expletives to describe the place or people. And if there were, using them would  become tiresome. There's just no way to explain what it's like to be there. It must be experienced.  The trip was way too short, even for a first exploration. I wish I'd had much more time by myself, but I was with a group and the tour guide was exceptional, so I had to stay up with him. I could have spent many days, even weeks, in each location and still not captured enough of the flavor and vitality of each place. And by the way, the food was extraordinary - I haven't yet weighed myself.

The best way for me to work through and present the photos is according to the schedule of the group. So here's some shots from our landing in Ben Gurion Airport and the first day in Jerusalem.

No matter how much influence, everyone waits at the airport:

Drummers and beggars at the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City:

Southern edge of the walled Old City with the dome of the Al-Aqsa mosque:

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