Saturday, May 9, 2015

Israel Odyssey

This is very interesting. Since I returned from Israel and have been posting photos of my waanderings, I've received comments on the blog, FB messages, and G+ messages reminding me that Zionists stole Palestine from the arabs who were living there. I have no interest in engaging people with political rhetoric so I've eschewed responses which has elicited further comments by these same people indicating that since I have no argument with which to rebut, that they must be correct.

My visit to Israel was amazing not only because of walking through history. The Israelis are a vibrant society (plagued with the same issues as any other modern society). They are resilient, resourceful, and creative. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has totally solved its water problem. That's enabled the country to develop agriculturally, economically, and civilly.  And it has developed deep commercial ties with countries other than the USA.

The animosity exhibited towards Israel by its neighbors is borne of envy and jealousy towards a society that took a mosquito infested swampland and made it into a vibrant land through hard work and incredible ingenuity. For any group of people to think that they, through perseverance of violence and negative diplomacy, will be able to wipe the Israelis from the face of the earth is complete idiocy. I don't answer their brainless arguments because reasoning with stupidity and intransigence is demeaning and a waste of time.

I'm done ranting.

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