Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Parade Photos (3)/ Fuji X-Pro1

I was out shooting in New York this afternoon on the West Side walking down Broadway. I can now hold the Fuji X-Pro1 without accidentally hitting inappropriate buttons, but I'm still having difficulty with the auto focus. It works quickly and accurately when I bring the camera up to my eye to compose and focus. No complaints there. I've been spoiled by the speed and accuracy of the D700, which I could hold at chest level and fire in burst mode as I moved past my subject. I can't do that with the Fuji camera, at least not yet. For the present time, until I get much more comfortable with the camera I'm shooting in single frame mode, and I have to anticipate my shots better so I can get camera buzzing before I click the shutter. Also, when I shot with the D700 at chest level, the camera was almost always in vertical (portrait) orientation. With the Fuji camera most of my shots are horizontal. That's neither good nor bad, but it means I can't wait until the last possible second before prepping to fire the shot. 

 Here are two more images I shot at the Easter Parade - optimized color and also b/w. This beautiful woman was shorter than me, and with that very large brimmed hat it was difficult to get a good shot of her face, so I went into a slight crouch. Not easy to look inconspicuous like that, but she had this great look of disdain on her face while I shot. Then when I straightened up after I shot, she turned to me and smiled. Duhhhh, she was posing for me.

This shot, with that red checked dress, red lipstick and sunglasses absolutely had to be in color.

But of course, being me, I had to do it b/w also.

Be sure to check out the latest issue of CameraPixo magazine #18 Different Photo Tchniques especially the feature beginning on page 64 (ahem ..... that would be mine).


  1. Great photos (best in BW, for me) and the parade is a good way of testing your camera.