Sunday, April 8, 2012

New York Easter Pics

One thing was abundantly clear at the Easter Day Parade (more a promenade than anything else): the Japanese camera manufacturers are making a killing in the American market, especially Canon and Nikon. It's a wonderful thing that so many people are taking photos. It raises the overall level of awareness of how important photos are to our culture, and how difficult it is to take a really good shot. 

I learned two things about the new Fuji X-Pro 1. Firstly, it may have a tendency to slightly over expose. I'll have to do more testing of that. Secondly, the camera uses a lot of battery power. I had turned off the power save feature because when it is turned on for some reason the auto focus functionality is slightly more sluggish. If I want to work with the camera in that configuration I'm going to have to make sure the battery is fully charged before I go out shooting for a day, and I'm going to have to carry an extra fully charged battery with me. The battery ran out of power after about 120 shots. At the end of its life I goosed more out of it by turning the camera off for a little while and turning it back on again only when I knew I was going to take a shot. I squeezed about 5 extra shots out of the battery. And on the train ride home I could review about 10 shots on the LCD before the camera just up and quit on me.
I seem to have a problem with using the SD card in my universal card reader. The volume doesn't mount on my computer. Other SD cards work fine. But when I plug the camera into the computer via a USB port the volume mounts easily. It may be about time for a new card reader. Having to use  SilkyPix Developer Studio Pro as my RAW engine is a royal pain in the ass. I've been so spoiled by the great functionality in Adobe's Lightroom. I pray that LR gets updated soon to read the new Fuji RAW format.

The biggest problem I had taking photos at the festivities was a result of the main attraction of the parade. HATS!!! They make shadows over the face, especially on a bright sunny day as it was. Here's a selection of color images almost straight out of the camera. Just a little tweaking.