Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Weekend of No Shooting

The weather was absolutely beautiful Saturday and Sunday. Both days perfect for a street walk in New York. But I decided to stay in and sleep the entire weekend away. Really.

It wasn't really my choice. Just not feeling too great. My enforced hibernation gave me a chance to dig through my work from the past several weeks of shooting with the XP1. As I look at the work now, I see that I've been getting the same ratio of keepers and outtakes that I got with the Nikon D700. So it seems I've really gotten comfortable with the camera and its quirks. I still have to work out some logistics issues with my fat thumbs pushing buttons without telling me - I think the solution to this will be a thumb grip device that was originally intended for the Leica M9. And I may have come up with a way to use my Black Rapid strap.  All good stuff, if I ever recover and get out and shoot again. Maybe this next week.

I love to work with windows and reflections. The 18mm f2 Fuji lens is the widest made for the camera for the time being. With the smaller APS-C sensor the effective focal length is 28mm which is a bit narrow for me. I thought it would be a hinderance, but now that I've gotten better adjusted to it, I can work with the focal length. I absolutely love the resolution of this lens. Word is that Fuji is planning to release a 14mm f2.8 lens later this year. That would make it effectively a 21mm lens. I'm looking forward to getting my grubby paws on that one.