Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pesach - Part 2, More Shmurah Matzoh

Pesach is a holiday that is centered around home and family. Recounting the story of the Hebrew exodus from Egypt and the establishment of the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai with the giving and receiving of the Torah as the defining story of Judaism is passed on from generation to generation through the Seder service and holiday meal. Nothing symbolizes the Pesach holiday more symbolically than matzoh. And despite what Governor Kasich had to say, matzoh has nothing to do with anybody's blood.

How better to impress kids with the meaning of the holiday and the significance of matzoh than to have them mix, roll out, and bake the dough.

Mixing the water and flour:

Breaking up the dough and rolling into flat wafers:

The final stage: baking the dough to end the 18 minute process: