Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Israel 2017

Revving up and gearing up for my next trip to my favorite place in the World. Been planning this trip for a long time. Going totally on my own is a stretch for me, but having the freedom to be alone and do whatever the moment calls for is exciting.

I'm paring down my camera bag considerably. My old kit with three zoom lenses - 10-24, 16-55, and 55-200 - plus two bodies, a flash and batteries is just too heavy for me to shlep all day. I still need to take the tele-zoom just in case. But that's a focal length I rarely shoot at. On the wide end I'll take my 14/f2.8 (I rarely shoot wider than that), my new 23/f2 (so much smaller and faster focus than the f1.4) and my new 35/f2 (ditto the 23). For the tight and narrow spaces of Jerusalem's Old City and Machane Yehudi market, the narrow lanes of Tzfat, and the Jaffa Flea Market those lenses should be ideal.

No deserts on this trip, no tourist attractions, no Dead Sea or Masada. Just my beloved people - Jews: all kinds, colors, sizes, religious convictions, political persuasions ..... a stiff-necked and contentious lot, but I love them all.