Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fuji 23mm f/2 Lens

I added a new toy to my collection of Fuji lenses. I already have the 23mm f/1.4 lens, but the most recent Fuji lens - 23mm f2 - is smaller and less obtrusive, weather resistant, and I was hoping focus speed would be faster. So I went out on the mean streets of NYC this afternoon for a test drive. I usually shoot with zoom lenses - mostly the 10-24 and the 16-55, but if there's a chance I might need it I also carry the 70-200 (I also have the 70-140 f/2.8, but it's very large and heavy and I only use it if I know I won't be moving around much, like at a concert). Like I said, I have quite a collection of toys, and that's just the zooms.

I began shooting Fuji on an X-Pro1 with the 18mm and then added the 35mm, and I have several other fixed length lenses. Shooting with this new 23mm lens was very refreshing. The focus speed is much faster than the 23 f1.2, and the size of the lens on the camera made it much easier to handle. I have a lot of getting-used-to with this lens, but given the fun I had with it, I'll be using it most often for my out-and-about street shooting.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Budding Artists - Arad, Israel

This is a group of eight photos I shot while in Arad, Israel. Some in an elementary school, a few at an arts fair.