Friday, August 5, 2016

Israel 2016 - Tel Aviv Carmel Market, part 2

The Carmel market was filled with interesting faces. The Israeli population is a wonderful mixture of cultures and ethnicities - North African, Middle Eastern (Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc.), West and East European, American - and they all can be found in the Tel Aviv suk.

Making pastries:

A vendor inviting me in to browse amongst his wares:

A couple out for a stroll:

Delivering sides of beef to a meat vendor:

A bedouin woman making a roll-up filled with cheese and parsley:

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Israel 2016 - Tel Aviv Carmel Market, part 1

My purpose in traveling to Israel this year was to be with five other artists from the Metrowest Jewish Federation of NJ to work and collaborate with artists living in Arad, a city in the northern Negev near Beersheva. We had wonderful social interaction with the resident artists, had opportunities to present our work to them, and for them to present their work to us. We participated in flamenco, yoga, and laugh workshops with them. Did volunteer work along with them to support a late-night Arad-to-Masada run event. And participated in an arts festival for the residents of Arad. But alas, there was very little actual creative/interactive work between the two groups of artists. More on that as I move through the rest of my visit to Israel. 

I went to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem to meet up with the group with which I would be traveling to Arad, and had a few hours to spend with the locals. The Carmel Market is  a long covered street of all kinds of stalls and booths selling food, spices, t-shirts, shoes, and just about anything else that is marketable. It's kind of the Tel Aviv version of Jerusalem's Machane Yehudah. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Israel 2016 - Jerusalem, Boys at the Kotel

Bar Mitzvah day isn't a solemn occasion. Boys are boys no matter where in the world they are.