Monday, July 1, 2013


As I was getting ready to leave for Manhattan on Saturday, I received a wonderful surprise. My photography instructor, with whom I'd been out of touch for fifteen years called me. After our four hour 'chat' I was inspired and motivated. Our talk helped me to refine and clarify the purpose of a project that I began a few months ago. I'm excited to have a renewed sense of dedication to my photography work.

The purpose of my trip into New York on Saturday was to participate in a 'photo walk' celebrating the two year anniversary of Google+. As I've mentioned before in this blog, I generally don't like to shoot while in the company of other people. Way too distracting and I usually get nothing of any significance as a result. The group that met up in Chinatown was at around 75 photographers and growing when I and a friend decided to strike out on our own. The only purpose of the day for me was to have a fun walk and play with some new settings and techniques made possible by the latest firmware upgrade for the Fuji X-Pro1.

Even though I was far away from the area of Manhattan that's the focus of my current 'project', I seem to naturally gravitate towards a certain type of image. After my in-depth discussion with my teacher (albeit mostly one way - at me) I have a better understanding of processes that I used years ago but apparently lost sight of during my hiatus from being instructed. I relish the opportunity to work with a mentor - it's deeply inspiring. Enough said for now.

The two images were shot on my Saturday walk through Little Italy and SoHo. Hostility and suspicion: