Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pidyon Haben

The ritual of Pidyon Haben (redemption of the first born son) is performed when certain stringent requirements are met. See here for a detailed explanation. Briefly, the conditions are: 1) the newborn child must be a male, 2) the child must be the first child of the mother, 3) the birth must be a natural delivery, and 4) neither the mother or father can be of Levi or Kohen ancestry. The conditions are not met often, so this celebration doesn't occur frequently.

Proud mother and father (Mushka and Betzalel) with their son.

Betzalel carrying his son to the Kohen. A tradition of the ritual is to cover the baby with gold jewelry and surround him with packages of sugar.

The basis of the ritual can be found in the Tanach (Jewish Bible) in several places: Exodus 13:13 and Numbers 3:45 that stipulate the child must be redeemed from a Kohan (ritual priest) for a sum of five silver shekels. It the Chabad custom, the child is redeemed for silver dollars of extremely pure silver.

Father and Kohen (Benny Friedman) recite ritual blessings and exchange the baby for the silver coins.