Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rethinking How I Post Images

I have, for the past six months, been posting my images on a photo website: www.500px.com. That's why this blog has been pretty much silent for all this time. But I've been rethinking my web-presence and will be experimenting over the next few weeks. There are many images that I posted on 500px that have become very dear to me and I will be posting them here on my blog site as I develop my strategy.

I'm going to try to get some images up today and over the next few days while I still maintain a presence on 500px. In this process comments and responses are critical for me. Please let me know you are out there.


  1. Hi Gene,

    I am familiar with your work from 500px - will try and visit your blog whenever I can.

    Best wishes

    David McMahon

  2. It works, I am looking forward to see your work in near future here!
    Robert Ragan

  3. Fantastic image Gene!!

  4. ...signing-in Gene, letting you know I'm here! Congratulations on the blog!

  5. Well I'd say you're off to the races in fine style...

  6. Shared your blogger site Gene :D it's much fun here and lots of info going on :D Subscribed!

  7. Hi Gene,
    good thinking indeed ... I think it's a problem we all have;
    Finding the balance between time to create, and time to present and share.
    Unfortunately, when work is appreciated, it get's so time consuming to reply and counter visit ... and the number of "real" feedback and sharing is often just a small part of it.
    But, I still think it's somehow needed ... the problem is finding balance in all the possible exposures, without becoming slave of it, and without becoming a stranger again.
    And of course, between the lot of contacts, it's a great way to find the GREAT people with whom we can build a real more personal sharing and respect.

    I reply Anonymous because either way, making a choice between the possibilities offered could get as result correspondence to get lost in the multitude of chaotic mails ...
    on G-mail , on FB there is too much unnecessary activity in the box,
    on 500 px I am about 1000 not replied messages, so I often have to delete them by hundreds with pain in the heart.
    Some years ago I also started a blog with world press ... but then I stopped it because of way too few interaction;
    Would be great to be able to have the possibility to reply by a e-mail address ... but this is not in your hands to fix.
    I certainly will subscribe to your posts

    I'll try the google account because my anonymous one is not accepted ... can't see why ???

    piet flour

  8. good luck and yes look forward to seeing more of your work. Keep inspiring my friend..

  9. I'm still here...have been wondering where you were! :)

  10. Hi, I followed a link from comments you left on a wall at 500px. I'm here, and will revisit again to see how you are getting on with your presence on this blog. I will comment too, but I'll have a look around here and 500px first. Les Butler.

  11. Hello Gene
    Thank you for news of the blog.

  12. Hi Gene, I'm Miguel Cabezas and I love the idea you have, you see the world through your camera and how friendly you are ...
    Thank you very much

  13. Hi Gene- will keep following you here also - your photos are worth following! Kerry O'Donnell

  14. ¡Qué envidia!. ¡Ya me gustaría a mí que alguien me dedicara una foto así!

  15. Te seguiré ya sea en el blog,ya sea en 500px, ya sea en... Me cuesta encontrar una imagen tuya que no me remueva en lo más hondo. Yo también amo las ciudades y su excitante vida. Sus extraños y entrañables personajes. Sus extraños y entrañables edificios, el tránsito. las penas, las alegrías... Cuando una foto es capaz de transmitir todo eso, la emoción está garantizada.
    ¡Soy una auténtica fan de tu obra!
    Un abrazo desde el azul mediterráneo

  16. OO man ... you have a great street photo's ... this could be my inspiring,,, great work sir ..!!