Monday, March 19, 2012

Working A Particular Location

A very important part of shooting on the street is familiarity with the environment. When I walk around New York I try to stay alert for locations that offer potential, not necessarily at that particular moment, and make a mental note to return often. Sometimes I find a spot in New York that just screams out for photos to be taken.

Whenever I'm in the midtown area on 42nd Street I stop into Nat Sherman's store and treat myself to a fine cigar. Appropriately, the store has a symbolic wooden indian statue out front. The first time I really took note of it was last summer, as I walked past the store front, a woman was standing next to the statue and I was immediately struck by the similarity in their facial features:

I check that spot every time I'm on 42nd Street. When I walked past last month two workmen were next to the statue. I titled the shot 'Three Little Indians'. 

This past week, on my way out of the store I grabbed this shot just as the gentleman turned to look at me:


  1. That´s a good point you have her Gene! Check out some locations and have an eye on them, when you come near them. The 3 photos are great in different ways and shot on different times. Maybe I´m gonna check that place out when we gonna live on 44th street on our summerholiday

  2. grab a cigar and hang outside :)

  3. I love your gallery, you make good work! It's fantastic to be in New York and take photos of people. I wish be there.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Nice examples of totally different results from the same location, Gene.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Este indio parece que esté observando desde más allá del tiempo toda la vida que llena las calles de la ciudad. Desde la pantalla de mi portátil me identifico con este indio que observa tantos rostros tan peculiares.

  6. A great lesson about how interesting it may be common scenes. In particular I prefer the last photo. Greetings.

    José Carlos González.

  7. I have made photos at the same spot on numerous occasions Gene. It is one of many great haunts in Mid Town.

  8. I've been to Nat Sherman. That was a few years ago... I think this is one of the only spot you can smoke in NYC. Unfortunately, no cuban cigars :-)
    Agree with what you say about finding a spot and shooting it again and again. I do exactly the same : find a spot with a good light and an interesting compo, and wait for something to happen... it pays (sometimes).