Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Parade Photo (1)/ Fuji X-Pro1

This is the first image shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 (bought at B&H Photo) that I put through my processing workflow. The raw image out of the camera was a joy to work with. The clarity of details and vibrancy of color in the raw image are outstanding, probably due in large part to the absence of the low pass filter. I took this shot as I walked across 34th Street on my way to the festivities on Fifth Avenue. I had the camera in hand with the strap wrapped around my wrist, and when I saw this gentleman (who's name by the was is Señor Blanco - really, you can't make this stuff up) just picked up the camera pressed the shutter button gently to get a meter reading and focus lock (waiting for a split second, as I had learned and practiced doing) and got the shot just as he looked at me. I only wish I had shot it vertically, but I haven't yet worked out the mechanics of how to do that smoothly. 

My first day out with the camera I had set it up to shoot just as with my D700 - continuous focus and continuous shooting mode - which didn't work well for me. The shutter makes so little sound that I couldn't tell how many shots I was firing. When I shoot in single shot mode, I know the shutter tripped only because I can feel the very slight vibration in my fingers.

This first image is the same as posted yesterday. It's the raw image with a slight crop. As you can see, the color balance is cool (as in blue shift .... not cool as in hip) and the shadow of Señor Blanco's hat has covered his sunglasses.

I adjusted the color balance and contrast, and digitally dodged the shadow under his hat brim. The result is much more interesting.

And being who I am, I had to turn the image into a b/w with a slight warm tone. Not quite as festive as the color version, but still a great street portrait.

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  1. Gene, hai scoperto perché scatta solo 120 foto, con pacco batteria?
    Immagine perfetta Gene.