Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Heat Wave

It's been a summer from hell, and no sign of a letup. 100ºF today, and more for this weekend. The heat is so oppressive that it's impossible to get out to shoot. So, I've been cleaning up my photo library and doing housekeeping chores on my computer. I bundled all my images from 2011 and January to June 2012, and sent them off to the copyright office for protection. I usually do it every six months, but I've gotten lazy about it. I was inspired to do it today because an internet friend who lives in Venice, Italy will be launching a site for street photography here (but not yet) and has invited me to contribute a portfolio to the site. Watermarking an image with my name and copyright mark means nothing if it's not backed up with a piece of paper from the copyright office. The whole process can be done online - I spent about one hour filling out forms and uploading over 2000 images - and if the photos are bundled it can be done in one submission for $35.

I was out for a walk in Manhattan yesterday to give the new 35mm f1.4 lens, for my Fuji X Pro-1camera, a lab test on the street. It is most definitely faster focusing than the 18mm f2 lens. My only issue with the lens - and it's really a problem with me, not the lens - is the framing and composition. I'm so used to shooting wide angle that the 50mm effective focal length is a bit uncomfortable for me. I instinctively move in close to my subjects. I need to spend some time looking at Henri Cartier-Bresson's work which was all shot with the Leica 50mm lens.

Here's a shot on West Broadway. Some bicycles have all the luck, eh?


  1. nice shot, i have been meaning to do the copyright things with my images as well, but never get around to it, if you have a moment Gene, shoot me an email with a quick how to if its not too much trouble


  2. hi Gene,

    when i switched from wide angle to 50mm it took some time to get used to it.
    when i switched back to wide angle after 6 months it was even worse!
    so shoot with them both on a regular basis.

    B.T.W.: nice shot and... nice ass! ;-)

  3. Copyright office? I thought that copyright and ownership was automatic. Perhaps this is different from country to country, but where I live the law is formulated so copyright and ownership is guaranteed right for the bat. *Click* --> Copyright; *pencil scratch* --> Copyright and so on.