Friday, July 6, 2012

La Giuria

We all know what a wonderful resource we have at out fingertips with this thing called the internet. It's expanded our lives and our world visions by proportions - not arithmetic or even geometric - but definitely logarithmic. Through the internet, by having a webpage, this blog, and the ability to post my work on various photo sharing sites and social media sites I've interacted with people all over the world who I would never have had the opportunity to get to know otherwise. I've developed fans of my photography, and become interested in others' photographic work. My social consciousness has grown dramatically. And I have reconnected with people from the dim recesses of my past who have very gratifyingly reached out to me. Today I had the opportunity to spend a few hours face to face with someone I met through my photographs and with whom I have corresponded for the past year or so. It was wonderful chatting with him as though we had been friends for years.

The day was way too hot (peaked at 95ºF, tomorrow 100º is expected) for any kind of extended photo walk, but I did get a few good shots to work with. Also to mention, Nik Software is about to release an upgraded version of its HDR Efex Pro software, this will be version 2. I had a brief look at it this afternoon after downloading. There's some definite changes in the interface and processing, but I haven't had any chance to really play with it yet, so I'll reserve judgement until I do. Given my past experience with the products of Nik, however, I am sure there will be plenty to like and enjoy learning to use.

Here's a shot I took last week (when it was a cool 89º) in Little Italy. As with all my images, it was processed in Lightroom 4, Nik's Dfine, Color Efex Pro 4, and Silver Efex Pro 2. These friends were passing judgement on something!

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  1. Ha, ha - A wonderfull situation, you have captured here. When i am looking at the photo, i am sitting and smiling, because, mainly of the expression of the man in the middle. He don't seems to like what is being said between the man in the right and the person with the hand in the left