Thursday, September 6, 2012

Burn fat fast

The latest weight loss craze? Dr Oz has something to say. Seems there's something special about green coffee bean extract. Hell, to me there's something special about coffee in any form (except the way Starbucks makes it, yuck!)

As I walk around NYC I'm amazed at the shape of the world around me. OK, maybe I've been blessed (?) with obsessive/compulsive genes that get me up at 7am every morning and to the pool for my ritual one mile swim. I guess it's the same o/c genes that motivated me to practice violin five hours a day when I was a music student, or out on the street shooting and in a wet darkroom inhaling developer and fixer fumes so I could hone my craft as a photographer. I know everyone can't be the same as me. Thank God! Would be a pretty boring world.

But back to those tried and true good old American rural country values, I was at the Duchess County Fair in New York State several weeks ago. None of those trendy green beans here, it's french fries all the way! YEAH BABY!!!

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  1. Great documentary shot, setting focus on one of the big problems in the western world: fatness and the growing amount it cost for the society. Here we have the problem in one shot...