Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fuji X-Pro1 and Street Shots

Apropos of nothing, I took these two shots at the beginning of the week and liked them so I thought I'd post them without more significance than I liked them and they were shot with the Fuji X-pro1.

I've been getting out on average twice a week to shoot and on each outing coming home with lots of images from which to select for processing and posting. If I don't post them quickly they fall by the wayside. Sometimes the most difficult task in writing this blog is coming up with a pithy and/or witty posts about the images. For me, writing in any form (even coming up with captions) has always been the most difficult creative endeavor.

One point to make about the second image: It's important to be able to not point the camera at the main subject so as to grab a candid expression. But this technique creates focus issues. Even though focus-locking on the main subject and then reframing the image often works well enough, just that small readjustment in the plane of focus - especially at wide open apertures - will soften the image subject. The way around this is to move the adjustable focus point on the XP1 while looking through the viewfinder. My problems with this are twofold: 1) I often shoot from the hip without looking through the viewfinder and 2) bringing up the focus point grid and readjusting the point of focus takes enough time so that it's entirely possible that an expression or moment in time will be lost.

Oh well, there's always trade offs ......

Damned Pigeons!


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  1. Love the first shot!

    Looks like you're very happy with that camera, I think, I would have gotten it, if it would have been announced a few month earlier :)