Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo Expo 2012

Tomorrow the Photo Expo opens in New York. When I originally attended way back in 1989 it was a huge show with a strong presence of many camera manufacturers, Apple, and Adobe. In recent years it has gotten much smaller, partly because of the incredibly high rates for exhibitors but also because it has become over the years much more consumer oriented, rather than geared towards the working professionals. It's still fun to go to - to see all the latest toys and software. If I find anything mind boggling, I'll report back on it (but I doubt that I will see much that really impresses me).

I shot these two images in an outing last week in midtown Manhattan. Lately I've been drawn to people wearing sunglasses. Not sure why, but maybe because I like to get some kind of expression in peoples' eyes, and the dark glasses poses a real challenge.

If he doesn't bring flowers, he's not getting anywhere.

Two Soldiers?

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