Friday, December 21, 2012

More Zoom Lens Shots

I usually don't post shots like this. Actually I usually don't take shots like this, but testing the 18-55mm zoom lens has been a priority for me the past few days. The first shot, of the Empire State Building which is on the corner of Fifth ave. and 34th street was taken from the corner of Fifth ave. and 38th street. I don't have the figures to do the math, but considering the height of the building the observation deck at the top had to be at the least six city blocks away. When I zoomed into a 1:1 ratio (100%) on the raw data, I could see the individual binoculars on the observation deck. Not sure what will come through on the jpeg rendering. It was shot at 55mm (82.5mm equiv.) at 1/250th second, f8 and ISO 320. I did minimal Lightroom processing.

The second shot, of the Chrysler Building which is on the corner of Lexington ave. and 42nd street, was taken from the corner of Fifth ave. and 42nd street From my position to the top of the building had to be, once again, about six city blocks. I did some Photoshop processing on this image to clone out an errant flag pole on the right side of the image. The exposure settings were the same as the previous shot. 

Quite satisfying detail and image resolution from the XP1 and the zoom lens. I'm back on the streets this weekend to practice with the zoom and image stabilization. It's a tough job!

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