Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas Day in New York

It was a slow day here in suburban New Jersey (nothing new about that), so I made a quick trip into the Apple. It's strange to see so few cars racing around and not much pedestrian traffic (except probably for Fifth Ave. around Rockafeller Center). 

After re-reading some ebooks published by Thomas Leuthard, which are available for no charge on his website, I've begun thinking about taking street portraits with the longer end of my zoom lens. It requires some adjustment in my street perceptions - I have to be more aware of what's happening a longer distance away from me. Shooting from that distance is good because I have more of a chance to capture a face and expression without the subject being aware of me, and bad because I have to lift the camera to my eye to get the shot. The angle of view is way too narrow to be able to shoot from the hip, and too narrow to include any environmental subject material. And it's bad because I don't sense any immediacy with the proximity of the subject - but that's something to which I may just need to adjust.

I took this shot this past Sunday on Broadway. I think I heard him say into his cell phone ' ..... I don't know why, the guy just punched me in the nose!'

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