Sunday, January 6, 2013

Five from the weekend

Shooting on the streets of New York during the winter presents a number of challenges. People are wrapped up in layers of clothes - coats, scarves, earmuffs, hats - and it's tough to get a clear shot of a good facial expression. Shooting from eye level will usually result in a shot with the eyes in deep shadows strong reflections from the lenses of sunglasses. Changing the position of the camera to mid chest level can make a big difference. 

Depending on the situation I might try for direct eye contact which, if I'm shooting from the hip, would result in the subject looking at me rather than into the lens of the camera. 


Sometimes the subject looks directly into the lens to see if there's some indication of the shot being taken (which, with the X-Pro1, there isn't).

Sometimes the subject is oblivious of my presence. 

And then there's those times when I get caught redhanded taking a shot to which the subject objects.
Oh well, that's street photography. Have to learn to deal with it.

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