Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cell Phone Conversation

 I had the good fortune to attend a critique session this past Wednesday at B&H Photo. Each attendant was given the option to submit three images for consideration. Fairly impossible to get to everyone's work in the allotted two hours for the session. Of the more than 120 images submitted, less than ten were in b/w, and of all the images submitted (excluding the three of mine) less than ten could have been considered street photography. That was a bit disappointing, but the session was handled beautifully by the commentators - honest critiques were offered considerately and sensitively, and I doubt if anyone walked away without feeling encouraged to strive for more.

The session was held in the early afternoon, so I had the opportunity to be on the streets around Penn Station to photograph the early rush hour pedestrian traffic. Quite honestly, I didn't get much. My mind was buzzing with ideas from the critique session. But one woman really caught my attention. She was walking across 34th Street with bags handing from both hands, a piece of luggage hanging from her shoulder, and a cell phone in her mouth. And she was carrying on a conversation with someone who had called her. Go figure ......


  1. What a funny capture. I have never seen anybody using a cell phone in that way. A photo making me smile :-)

  2. great shot on that phone biting,haha.nice