Sunday, January 20, 2013

Street Faces

I don't have any set agenda when I hit the street. Quite often I have no idea until I walk out of Penn Station where I am headed. Could be Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribeca, Chelsea, or someplace in midtown. Some days I look for a particular setting, settle in, and wait for the actors to appear on stage. Then again, some times I roam around looking for interesting situations. Lately, when I'm out shooting, I've been most attracted to street portraits - an interesting face that tells the story of life, a look towards me with some feeling in it ..... if a subject sees me aiming the lens at them, I usually get some kind of response - not always pleasant, but at least honest.

Here's a collection of looks I grabbed over the past few days. You can make up your own stories about them.

1 comment:

  1. That´s a great. 4 people, 4 different faces telling 4 different storys, everyone in different mood. Specially the contrast between the happy man in photo 3 and the not so happy woman on photo 4 make me smile :-)