Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Very Cold Day On 57th Street

When the blustery winds make the temperature feel like 15ᴼf being out on the street gets more than a little uncomfortable. With the best of intentions I gave it a shot on Wednesday. On the corner of 57th street and Fifth ave. there's usually quite a lot of pedestrian traffic, but most people (with more sense than I apparently have) stayed indoors. A Chabad Lubavitch bus was parked at the intersection and one of the celebrants came out to invite me in and complete the group for a mid-afternoon prayer. I'm not a particularly observant or religious person, but the opportunity to warm up a bit and help out at the same time was very seductive - and, by the way, so was the chance to get a few interesting shots. Over the years of shooting street I've passed quite a few chances that were so easily handed to me, and missed golden opportunities. Not Wednesday .... hopefully, more to come.

First the street shots:

... and you won't believe what he did next ...

Dis guy tinks 'e's funny!

And a couple of shots inside the warm bus:

The Rabbi at prayer

Come here, I want to show you something ....

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