Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Bit of Street and Fujinon Lenses

No big surprises for my blog readers today: my pics are all street photos, shot with either the Fujinon 14mm or 18-55mm zoom lens. I've been mixing my approach to shooting street. For a very long time I tried to stay as anonymous as possible, not to insert myself into the situation to alter the moment or situation. But I'm a shmoozer by nature. I take shots of people because I enjoy capturing their expressions, gestures, attitudes, and feelings. When I nail a shot I get buzzed, it makes my day. When I interact with people to evoke expressions I feel the joy of connectedness - I can click away without hiding that I'm shooting, so I can work angles and light.

I saw this gentleman on 34th street, sitting on a fire stand just below a light and next to the window display, I chatted with him as I moved around to get the light just above him. Got pretty close, but not exact (14mm lens).

I really enjoy taking shots of men with mustaches/beards and with cigars. This gentleman gave me a five minute dissertation on how good the stogie was (14mm lens).

Another beard shot (but no cigar). He actually thanked me for taking his photo and asked to have a copy emailed (zoom lens at 55mm).

What's a blog post about shooting street if there's not a sneak shot? Just goes to show ya, even pretty girls get stuff stuck in their teeth (14mm lens).

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