Monday, March 18, 2013

The South Bronx

In 1981 a movie starring Paul Newman entitled Fort Apache, The Bronx portrayed an area of the Manhattan borough, now called the South Bronx, as a corrupt and crime infested neighborhood. The movie created quite a stir at the time, and the area's residents protested about the stereotype it portrayed. I visited the Bronx Documentary Center a few times over the past several weeks to view photojournalism exhibits, and had the opportunity to walk across 149th Street and do some street work. This neighborhood is a far cry from the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods I've walked in over the past couple of years. It certainly has its share of characters, but I had to be a bit more cautious than usual. No tourists, no fine ladies in mink, no gents in shearling coats shopping at Bergdorf or the Apple Store. Just the local residents recovering from a hard night or getting set up for the day to come, out to pick up daily supplies at the corner bodega - just life ....


  1. Interesting and different neighborhood than Manhattan. Really cool characters you have captured here. No. 2 + 3 are my faves. No 2 is a interesting situation with the man having his cigarette hanging in his mouth, while putting his hand in the pocket to find his lighter. At the same time the man in the background trying to get his trousers up on his stomach. No 3 is a wideangle shot, when it is best. Fantastic expression the old lady has. I also like the way she is still a part of the street.

  2. Wooow,this is great Gene.Superb work!