Thursday, April 11, 2013

New York Faces - More Than A Catalog

I've been giving a lot of thought lately as to what it is that I shoot, why I shoot it, what I'm trying to say with it ....  Questions that were prompted by a column I read recently (I don't remember where) that was a discussion about the substance of photography books. The point of the column was that a book of photographs should be more than just a random collection of images, or a catalog of images shot by a particular photographer. The work set in the format of a book needs to say something as a unified body of work that justifies being presented as a book. That's not to say there's anything wrong with putting a bunch of photographs taken on vacation into self published book, and sharing it with friends and such. That's a perfectly legitimate reason to produce a personal book for personal use. I'm thinking in grander terms.

When I look at the broad perspective of my work shot during the past several years I see a pattern and a direction, and as that grows so too does my processing of the photographs to focus on the content of the images. The two work together .... I think. I'm having some difficulty in verbalizing the ideas, in making a literal statement. But it's coming along. When the concepts become crystalized, I'll be able to say what I need to in a clear concise way. For now I'm feeling my way, and it's a trip that's like no other - figuratively and literally (wink, wink) - I've ever taken before.

All I can say of it at this point is .... New York Faces.

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