Saturday, May 4, 2013

Christopher Street with a Martin 000-18

I'm deep into the new project I mentioned in my last blog post. Its a bit difficult to reference just yet because I haven't quite figured out a name for it. I've been going back through my Lightroom catalog for the past several years and refining the keywording of all the appropriate images. As I looked at the processing work I can see how I've evolved, and I want to go back and redo many images but I need to do so much more shooting for the project. And then there's other shooting I want to do also - if only I had more time ..... 

Christopher Street in the west village is known for it's gay bars. It was the locus of the Stonewall Riots in 1969. As I was walking around this past weekend, I happened upon these two gents sitting on the stoop and I asked about the very weathered guitar. It was a Martin 000-18 model made in 1963, not old by my standards, but then I'm ancient. When I was playing bluegrass music, in the early 1960's, pre-World War II dreadnoughts (D18s and D28s) were the holy grail. At that time a vintage D28 might cost  about $1k. A few weeks ago on the Antiques Road Show and old prewar D28 was appraised at a value of about $60k.

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