Friday, May 24, 2013

Look Out .... Here I Come!

In keeping with the theme of Gary Winogrand's work which I've been touching on recently, and with the subject of imperfection touched on all too minimally in a recent blogpost by (dare I say it) Eric Kim, to wit:

The frame of reference is tilted - I shot this quickly as I was emerging from the subway at Fifth avenue and 53rd street - and the men on the left and right of the frame are chopped partially. Imperfect, yes. It's a quick capture of 1/250th of a second as I experienced the instability of just having climbed two flights of stairs (at my advanced years) from darkness into bright daylight, into a crowd of people moving in the direction indicated by the arrow at the top of the frame, counterpointed by this imperious woman parting the sea of men. There's no hidden narrative or societally redeeming message, just a street shot that hums. 

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