Friday, October 11, 2013

All Set and Ready To Go

New iMac is set up and I've been processing some photos to see about the performance with the new fusion drive. The whole week has been devoted to computer stuff, so I haven't been out to shoot at all. Hoping to get out on Saturday. For now I've been going back through my photos for the past year and processing images that I always thought I wanted to get to, and never did. It's a good thing to do periodically, and I really need to delve back into my film negative archive to review work I shot twenty years ago - more on that in the next blog entry.

I shot this on Ninth Avenue on my way back to Penn Station - part of my Men With Cigars series. Doing my usual processing took about one quarter of the time as on my older machine. the RAM (8g) and fusion drive really speed things along. I'm getting used to the wireless keyboard and mouse that came with the iMac. The keyboard feels a little small, and if I were writing another book it would definitely be restricting. The top of the mouse is actually a track pad, and that's really nice so that when I'm scrolling through material I don't have to move my hand back and forth.

The Manhattan Diaspora project is taking on a life of its own and expanding. Lots of work to do, and it's exciting. M(ore) T(o) C(ome).

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