Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fright Night is Coming!

And this guy is ready!

I'm hoping to get to the parade this year, rain or shine (well ...... dark, since it's at night). I've been given a challenge my a photographer friend to shoot only with available light, no flash. Luckily, I'm getting delivery of my new Fujinon 23mm f1.4 lens tomorrow. That, along with the 35mm f1.4, the 18mm f2, and the 14mm f2.8 (which, although it's my favorite lens for the camera, will probably get the least use, being so slow!) should cover my butt pretty well.

There's been some rumors flying around about what's in the works for new Fuji releases. Lots of people in the discussion forums have been yammering about the possibility of cameras with full frame sensors. I've been there, done that with the Nikon D700. At the time I started with that camera there was a distinct advantage in image quality between full frame and APS-C sensors. With the advent of the Fuji X-trans sensor the playing field was leveled (at least for me, there are quite a few trolls on the forums who have nothing better to do with their time but bad mouth Fuji about their inferior technology).

I embraced the X-Pro1 totally when it came out. For me the image quality leaves nothing to be desired, and the ergonomics of the camera and lenses is ideal for my hand size and the type of shooting I do. I'm a happy camper. 

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