Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Walk On The West Side

Manhattan's Upper West Side stretches from 59th street up to 125th street. It's bounded on the west by 11th avenue up to 72nd street and then Riverside Drive, and on the east by Central Park West. Within that area there are many different neighborhoods, beginning with Lincoln Center and ending with Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary. The main artery through the center of the area is Broadway. I've known the area well for many years - all of my violin teachers lived in the area, my graduate school (Manhattan School of Music) was at the upper end, and I performed and rehearsed countless times at Lincoln Center. It's a pulsating area for street photography, especially in the ten blocks from 72nd street up to 82nd street were Fairway Market, Citarella's, and Zabars are located. And there are many used book vendors lining the sidewalk.

I've never really spent time there with a camera in hand, but yesterday evening I had the opportunity. As well as I know the area, it felt totally new to me when I was looking for images. Friday evening is a prime time to walk the streets. Broadway, Columbus avenue, and Amsterdam avenue are lined with restaurants with al fresco dining, and the bars are just beginning their weekend jangle. And the women, fuggedaboudit! It's a subject I plan to explore exhaustively.

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