Saturday, September 20, 2014

Broadway & 37th Street on the Mitzvah Tank

Broadway and 37th street in Manhattan is in the heart of the garment district, and the tank parks there every thursday afternoon. On my previous is it on Tuesday, the rabbi suggested I stop by to meet some interesting people. I was not disappointed. There was a constant stream of regulars who work in the area and stopped in to put on t'filin and schmooze with the rabbi. The two gentlemen who worked the street outside the tank, asking passers-by if they were Jewish, discovered two men who said they had never worn t'filin (at least not since their bar mitzvah fifty or city years previously). Women stopped in also, just to listen to the sound of the shofar. At 3pm a group gathered for the afternoon prayer, and afterwards for the reading of the Torah portion for the day. And once again I was granted the mitzvah fulfilling the Levi aliya. It was a very fulfilling day, and I got quite a few pictures to boot.

Some women stopped in to listen to the shofar:

 Regulars stopped by just to say hello, give some tzedakah, and put on t'filin:

A group of young yeshiva students were visiting the area, bought some kosher pizza, and said hello to the rabbi:

 And we read the torah portion for the day:

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