Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cold/Sunny with the 16-55mm lens

I'm planning to drive to Borough Park this afternoon to a matzoh factory. This snow is no help. Will winter ever end? Not soon enough!

To deal with my every present cabin fever of this winter, I made a quick trip into the Union Square area yesterday afternoon. Just had to play with the new lens. There were surprisingly few people out and about. New Yorkers are usually not daunted by winter weather. While in the neighborhood of Union Square I stopped into the Rubin Museum. There's a photo show there, been there for a while, of Magnum photographer Marc Riboud's work in Asia. Well worth the visit, but it's there only for a few more weeks.

Here's some shots from my walk:

Just can't resist photographing a pretty woman:

Always some grumpy people about:

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