Friday, May 22, 2015

Israel Odyssey Day 8 Nahala'ot (part 2)

One of the most picturesque areas of Jerusalem to my taste was the open air market of Machane Yehudah. It's a small section of the Nahala'ot neighborhood that has vendors of dried fruits and nuts, halvah, baked goods, meats, with some scattered coffee shops and other vendors. Beginning on Wednesday afternoon and all day on Thursday the market is a beehive of activity. On Friday morning and afternoon, when Jerusalemites are finishing their shopping for Shabbat the streets and alleys are just about impassible. I had but an hour or so to spend there, but on my next trip back I plan to spend many days there.

An artist selling his latest work:

Tasting the merchandise before buying:

Age-old pastime of people watching:

Meat market:


Lunch vendor:

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