Friday, June 5, 2015

Israel Odyssey Day 10 - Tel Aviv (part 1)

I find it difficult to write of my last day in Israel. This series of blog posts has given me the opportunity to relive the trip and helped to put all my experiences in perspective. Overall I have to say I was surprised by the harshness of the landscape which makes the great achievements of the Israelis that much greater. They tamed a landscape of harsh contrasts - from the swampy mosquito infested western coast to the rugged rocky mountains of the east, from the mountainous north to the arid Negev desert - to make it into an agricultural and technological wonder.

The final day of my trip to Israel was spent in Tel Aviv. One day is not nearly enough time to do justice to the city. Jerusalem is the spiritual center of the State of Israel, and Tel Aviv is it's commercial center. Tel Aviv was the de facto capital of the State of Israel when the nation was founded, and it's filled with history. There are places in Tel Aviv, just as in Jerusalem, where I could spend many hours shooting (photographically) the incredible mix of cultures and identities that live shoulder to shoulder. The open air Carmel market is like a transplant of the Machine Yehudah market in Jerusalem.

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