Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chasidic Wedding part 2

A Chasidic wedding is full of symbolism and ritual. But it's not all serious stuff. Lots of joy and dancing. The groom comes to the bride and places a veil over her head and face. It's the last time the bride will see the world as a single person. After the wedding their souls will be joined. After the veil is lowered, the brides father places his hands on her head and blesses her:

The bride's and groom's fathers accompany the groom to stand under the chupa, a ritual tent cover in the open air:

The groom's little sister is overcome with feelings of giving up her brother to the bride:

The bride is accompanied to the chupa by her and the groom's mothers. She circles the groom seven times and the ketuba - marriage contract - is read:

After the ceremony, the bride and groom go to a private room where they are alone for the first time as a married couple. When they rejoin the celebrants they split up to the men's and women's sides of the room and enjoy dancing and drinking:

The entertainment for the evening is provided by the chasidic Temptations:

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